Group Therapy 

Participating in a therapeutic support group can be a rewarding experience.  Often individuals feel a sense of self-acceptance as well as greater sense of their own empowerment as a result.

see the groups offered by Eight Limbs Therapy below!

mindfulness in recovery

Mindfulness in Recovery is a therapy group for adults who want to increase their awareness of triggers and address patterns of addiction in their emotions, thoughts and actions.  Through the guided practice of mindfulness and group discussion, members will observe their experience of addiction non-judgmentally to identify and apply behaviors that serve them, rather than react in ways that are detrimental to their health and happiness.

Mindfulness in Recovery is facilitated by a licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has led recovery focused groups in both outpatient and residential treatment agencies.  Call for more information and discover whether this is the group for you!

true You

True You is a therapeutic support group for teens who identify as transgender, gender-expansive, gender non-conforming, non-binary, fluid, queer...etc.  Topics covered will be determined by the group members interest and needs, but could include the coming out process, advocating for gender identity rights at school, family issues related to identity, co-occurring mental health concerns, transitioning, detransitioning, navigating and advocating for gender affirming healthcare (blockers, HRT, surgery), coping skills, name and/or gender marker changes and other topics as desired. 

The group is facilitated by a psychotherapist who is a member of the SOCC (Standards of Care Collective) of Northern Nevada.  Kelly was the co-founder of Transgender Emergence (a Reno-based therapeutic support group for teens) and S.A.G.E. Club (a club/support group for students in Carson City).  Call if you are interested in True You! 

I live my life in widening circles
That reach out across the world.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

Life transitions ~ A women's group

Life Transitions is a therapeutic support group for women who are experiencing unexpected changes in life or are taking on something new, scary or different.  Perhaps you are facing issues related to grief and loss, aging, relationships, family life, work, spirituality, identity or health and you are craving a connection with other women experiencing similar challenges. 

Life Transitions is facilitated by a psychotherapist who has co-founded and facilitated numerous therapeutic "process" and support groups including Embodied Living.  If this sounds like a group you are interested in, call to learn more! 



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